Aeration is the process of mechanically putting holes in a lawn and removing cores or plugs of grass, thatch and soil then depositing those plugs onto the surface of the lawn. These plugs break down over time to feed the lawn with nutrients and microbes which will control the thatch buildup.


The holes produced will let water, nutrients, oxygen and your fertilizers penetrate to the roots within the soil to allow new grass sprouts to grow through them. Also, the holes exposes the soil which will allow a place for new seeds to take root and start germinating.



The first and main reason for Aerating your lawn is to alleviate soil compaction which occurs from normal foot traffic and the use of heavy equipment on your yard such as riding mowers. Compacted soil has too many solid particles in a certain volume of space. This prevents the proper circulation of air, water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots within the soil. Once Aerated, the roots begin doubling in size and strength and you are rewarded with a Lusher, Greener, and Thicker Turf.


Aeration mechanically removes plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil Aeration by loosening the soil around the roots to help them breathe and feed. It also brings to the surface beneficial microbes that eat the thatch removed by the Aeration process, which is then absorbed back into the turf as nutrients.


As an additional recommended service, we can apply “Milorganite®” , which is an Organic “Non-Burning” Dormant Feeding Fertilizer; to the exposed roots that gives the newly developing grass sprouts their first feeding as they emerge from the ground as well as greening up the rest of your turf.


The other benefits are as follows:

Improves fertilizer availability to your lawn
Maximizes air exchange of the soil and roots
Enhances water uptake to the grass
Reduces water runoff and puddling
Promotes stronger grass roots
Improves resiliency and cushioning
Creates thousands of seed germination holes
Greens and Thickens the existing turf

Every Lawn Needs Aeration!


If you have cool season turf grass such as Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass both Spring and Fall are ideal times to Aerate. In the Fall, Aeration should be done between August and November up until the first hard winters freeze. In the Spring, Aeration should be done between March and May, after the winters freeze but before the heat of the summer in June.